Fantasyland: Magazine Publishes Roadmap for Hillary’s 2020 Victory

Fantasyland: Magazine Publishes Roadmap for Hillary’s 2020 Victory

Left-wing supporters of twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton believe a third time may be the charm for the former Secretary of State, with a leading magazine publishing a roadmap for Clinton’s potential rematch against Donald Trump in 2020.

The Week published the blueprint Monday titled, “How Hillary Clinton Could Win in 2020,” describing the campaign Hillary would need to run should she choose to return to electoral politics.

“I really do think it would be possible for Clinton to win in 2020. All she would have to do is run the campaign she is actually suited for instead of the one foisted on her by dim-witted consultants and woke staffers,” writes the Week.

“I never understood why in 2016 Clinton decided to abandon decades of her and Bill’s accumulated political wisdom, to say nothing of her own personality, by pitching herself as the candidate of Yelp marketing interns and Manhattan yoga moms,” adds the author.

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