Far-Left Mayors Reimpose Coronavirus Restrictions After Joining Mass Gatherings

Far-Left Mayors Reimpose Coronavirus Restrictions After Joining Mass Gatherings

Last week countless liberals took to the streets to celebrate the media’s declaration of Joe Biden’s supposed victory, many of them joined by the Mayors of their cities.

While every Trump rally or other public gathering has been described as a “super spreader” event by that media, that rhetoric temporarily went on hold once again because those congregating were backing a media-approved cause.

Vox’s dimmest bulb Aaron Rupar, within 12 hours, went from condemning students for attending a football game to praising leftists celebrating outside the white house.


And he’s hardly the only person with no sense of self awareness and/or shame whatsoever.

Bill de Blasio joined the presumably unemployed celebrators. “Congratulations, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris!” the NYC Mayor’s office account tweeted out, accompanied by photos by de Blasio joining those congregating by the tens of thousands.

As that event was occurring, a business run by a single Jewish mother in Brooklyn was being cited by police for violating coronavirus restrictions.

A mere three days later, de Blasio sounded the alarm on rising coronavirus cases nationwide.

Two days after that he announced new regulations that would go into effect today.

And just like that, last week’s “peaceful protester” will be this week’s “grandma killer.”

It was the same story out of Lori Lightfoot’s Chiraq. While not wearing a mask (a cardinal sin to the modern left), Lightfoot praised the country for “taking our democracy back” to a crowd.

And then five days later she issued a stay-at-home advisory asking Chicagoans to only leave their homes for essential reasons.

Curiously, attending anti-Trump events isn’t on the list – though I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to make an exception should the need arise.






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