Far-Left Seattle Mayor Vetoes Bill to Defund the Police

Far-Left Seattle Mayor Vetoes Bill to Defund the Police

On Friday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan vetoed a City Council budget that would have laid off approximately 100 police officers and cut 14% of police funding.

Ironically, even though the far-Left mayor is infamous for letting an autonomous zone, first known as “CHAZ” and later as “CHOP,” take over part of the city and seemingly endorsing it as a “summer of love,” Durkan still vetoed the council’s plan, which, according to KOMO News, would have “totaled around $23 million of the remaining $127 million in the budget.”

As reported by Fox News, Durkan said that:

“This veto was because the bills, as passed, did not have the type of collaboration that I think we will have going forward, and that I’m hopeful we will have going forward. There’s some flaws in each of these (bills) that I hope the council can correct, or with discussions, we can find a path forward together.

“I continue to have concerns about council decisions to make cuts before they have a plan,” she added. “I do not believe the 2020 budget in its current form moves us closer to those shared goals. I truly believe we can, and must, find common ground for the vision of SPD.”

According to RedState, Durkan also said that, since June 1st, shootings in Seattle have increased by 50%.

This is a temporary win for normalcy in a city run by radical Leftists. But don’t be fooled, Durkan is one of them, as she clearly demonstrated throughout the last few months. The only way to stop this lunacy for good is to stop voting Democrat.

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