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Fauci Flip-Flops on Christmas Gatherings After One Day

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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No one exactly knows what “the science” even means anymore, but whatever it is, it seems to track more with public opinion polling than anything being studied in a lab.

Dr. Fauci recently took the role of the Grinch, telling Face the Nation “Is just too soon to tell. We’ve just gotta concentrating on continuing to get those numbers down, & not try to jump ahead by weeks or months…” Oddly Fauci never differentiated to say if it would be safe for the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated to meet, and his answer seems to apply to all Americans regardless of their vaccination status, predictably drawing outrage.

I joked following Fauci’s comments that they probably were nothing to worry about because he’d just change his tune in a few weeks anyway.

I was only slightly off – after backlash, Fauci decided to flip-flip and/or clarify his comments made only hours prior, to now say it’s OK to gather for Christmas – but only for the vaccinated. Fauci also said that his initial comments were “misinterpreted,” which they clearly were not. He either changed his tune or didn’t communicate his message clearly.

Meanwhile, the White House has chimed in with their own take, with Jen Psaki telling reporters that the fate of Christmas is in the hands of Fauci and the CDC. And when that’s the case, it’s fate is always subject to change.

On the bright side, few sane Americans listen to a single thing Fauci has to say anymore and will continue doing so this December 25th.

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