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Dr. Fauci Tries to Rewrite History - Insists He Had "Nothing to Do With" School Shutdowns

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 10/17/2022
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Dr. Anthony Fauci would like nothing more than for you to forget about him pushing destructive lockdowns.

During a recent interview with ABC's Jonathan Karl, Fauci was asked "Was it a see schools closed as long as they were?" - leading him to immediately rattle off a number of lies without pushback. 

"If you go back, and I ask anybody to go back over the number of times that I've said we've got to do everything we can to keep the schools open, no one plays that clip," he said. "They always come back and say, 'Fauci is responsible for closing the schools.' I had nothing to do [with it], I mean, let's get down to the facts."

Fauci previously denied having any role in any kind of lockdowns in July, falsely claiming "I didn't shut down anything." 
  Of course, your memories are not failing you, and Fauci is indeed trying to rewrite history here. Author Justin Hart put together a compilation of just a handful of times Fauci publicly pushed for shutting down the country:

And Grabien's Tom Elliott found countless other examples of Fauci publicly calling for a nationwide shutdown despite now pretending that he never did any such thing.  And despite all the prior statements contradicting his denials today, the mainstream media is more than happy to allow him to rewrite history in front of their eyes.

Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros
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