Fauci on New Restrictions: Everything Is On the Table

Fauci on New Restrictions: Everything Is On the Table
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From the man who brought you “fifteen days to slow the spread” comes the admission that when it comes to additional COVID restrictions, all options are on the table.

Americans need to be prepared to do “anything and everything” to fight the Omicron COVID variant, Dr. Anthony Fauci told ABC’s Chuck Todd.

When asked if we should have a vaccine mandate for domestic air travel, Fuaci responded “You know, Chuck I’m not going to make any pronouncements about what we should have about vaccine mandates for travel. We know we evaluate these things literally in real time, all the time. You know, everything is discussed and everything is on the table.”

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Back in mid-March of 2020, as wildly destructive and unpopular lockdowns were taking effect nationwide, Fauci used identical language, that “everything is on the table.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden said that there would be no new lockdowns in the wake of the “Omicron variant,” with the caveat that would only be the case if “everyone wears a mask and gets vaccinated.”

In May, Biden said he wanted 70% of America vaccinated by July 4th, and has since revised up his threshold to “97%” of the U.S. population. There’s no explanation of how he arrived at exactly “97%,” and prior estimates of herd immunity for COVID from Fauci required inoculation rates of 60-70%, then 70-85%, before he eventually moved the goal post to 90%. 69.3% of those aged 40-49 are fully vaccinated, and every other age cohort above them (50-64, 64-74, and 75+) exceeds the 70% threshold, with them being 76.5%, 88.7%, and 85.3% vaccinated, respectively. The figures are obviously higher when you factor in those that have had one dose.

In other words, it’s only those that suffer the absolute least risk from the virus that are less than 70% unvaccinated, once an estimated threshold for herd immunity.

Biden’s mask caveat contradict his comments in May that “If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask,” which further shows how arbitrary COVID policy can be – and a reminder that we can’t trust anything he says.

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