In a moving and emotional article, the New York Post honored thirteen FDNY firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11 through their children. Yesterday, “thirteen probationary firefighters – all children of FDNY members killed in the 9/11 terror attacks – graduated from the Fire Academy…filling the shoes of the dads they lost 18 years ago.” The young men, and one woman, are “finishing the jobs their fathers started.”

The latest graduating class “is made up of the largest group of so-called ‘legacy’ probes in FDNY history- 21 in total, including some whose first-responder parents were killed by illness related to their work at Ground Zero.”


In an emotional ceremony yesterday at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro spoke to the 301 class graduates and their families. “Today, these 21 legacies are no longer children. Today, they’ve fully achieved their dreams. They’re honoring now their loved ones. They’re continuing their family’s legacy of service.”

The NY Post article went on to mention each of the 13 firefighters killed in action on 9/11 with individual photographs, accompanied by their personal story and statements from their children, who now are firefighters as well.

For a list of the heroic firefighters and their children, continue reading: New York Post