Flashback: Mitt Romney Trashes Senate Probe Into Hunter Biden and Burisima

Flashback: Mitt Romney Trashes Senate Probe Into Hunter Biden and Burisima

Remember when the Hunter Biden laptop story broke? I certainly do after writing an article on it for Bongino.com. The lengths the Left went to in order to suppress it were remarkable. Right off the bat, Twitter was blocking links to the story and Facebook was promising to reduce the reach of the story and potentially penalize pages that talked about it. Of course, the mainstream press almost uniformly did their best to undermine the story and declare there was nothing to it. You can see examples of that here.

Embarrassingly, even Mitt Romney told the public there was nothing to see here.

Of course, now that the election is over and Hunter Biden is being probed by the DOJ, everything is different.

Does this prove every claim and allegation made in the Biden laptop story was true? Nope, but it does show that all the people saying there was nothing to it were 100% wrong. Sure, the story may have come from Trump’s campaign, but the sad reality is that’s where a lot of stories you see in the mainstream media originate. Some campaign or party does research, feeds it to a connection with a big outlet, then the outlet runs with the story. Of course, you expect the mainstream media to be hypocrites about this sort of thing, but you don’t expect Republican Senators to go along with it.

As to Mitt Romney, the guy has always been a weasel, and although he probably deserves to be cut a certain amount of slack because Trump went out of his way to humiliate him early on in his administration, there is a line between not bending over backward to help Trump and siding with Democrats that shouldn’t be crossed. You don’t shoot down a legitimate story to defend the sleazy son of the Democratic nominee because Trump hurt your feelings. Even Mitt Romney should know better.

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