Florida Governor DeSantis Debunks Critics of Reopening

Florida Governor DeSantis Debunks Critics of Reopening

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, overall one of the most popular governors in the county, has been lambasted by the Left frequently for the way he has handled the virus.

Among the criticisms include allegations that he closed mass gatherings too late, that he closed the state initially (and as of now) on a county by county basis, and that he opened certain beaches sooner than the media apparently wanted. In short, they claimed his actions, or lack thereof, would cause mass death and the overrun of the state’s healthcare system.

But, like everything else the Left says, this proved to be wrong. For some reason, the media seems to be under the false impression that every state is New York (which is ironic, because they won’t give a second of criticism to Andrew Cuomo, even though his state is the hardest hit).

In response to the criticism, DeSantis laid out a presentation comparing the projections with the actual results in under two and a half minutes.

Give it a watch below:

The Governor’s full speech can be found below where he talked about the way the pandemic has been handled by the state, such as ventilator availability, how Florida did much better than full-lockdown places such as New York and Italy, and his “safe, smart, step-by-step” plan for reopening Florida:

As Townhall notes, the data show that Florida passed the pandemic peak weeks ago, and none of the projections of mass death and an overwhelmed healthcare system have come to pass. Meanwhile, even as the Left attacks DeSantis and tries to drive a narrative, he still remains very popular, with a job approval rating at 53/38, and 60% of Floridians approve of the way he has handled the pandemic.

It’s always worth remembering that the Left is always wrong, and often intentionally.

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