Florida Man Who Died In Motorcycle Crash Listed Among COVID-19 Fatalities

Florida Man Who Died In Motorcycle Crash Listed Among COVID-19 Fatalities

After Florida listed a man in his 20s as part of the state’s number of coronavirus fatalities, an Orange County (Orlando area) health officer told WOFL-TV that that man actually was killed in a motorcycle crash, according to theBlaze.

As the network was looking into records of two people in their 20s listed as coronavirus fatalities, WOFL asked Orange County Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino if either one had any underlying conditions.

Pino replied that the first didn’t have any, and that he was actually killed in a motorcycle crash.

TheBlaze further reports that WOFL said that the Florida Department of Health sent a statement clarifying that a COVID death is actually determined if “COVID-19 is listed as the immediate or underlying cause of death, or listed as one of the significant conditions contributing to death. Or, if there is a confirmed COVID-19 infection from a lab test — and the cause of death doesn’t meet exclusion criteria — like trauma, suicide, homicide, overdose, motor-vehicle accident, etc.”

Pino said that this was the information that the county works off of. He added that it is possible to construe that COVID somehow caused the victim to crash, but that he didn’t know the conclusion of the case.

While this case may look like an innocent oversight, there have been many documented cases over the last four months where states have been inflating their coronavirus fatality numbers to include anyone who died with the virus for any reason as dying from COVID-19. With all these “mistakes,” it isn’t surprising that many are skeptical of how dangerous and widespread this pandemic actually is.

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