Florida Sheriff Will “Deputize” All “Lawful Gun Owners” Against Rioters if Necessary

Florida Sheriff Will “Deputize” All “Lawful Gun Owners” Against Rioters if Necessary

On Tuesday, a video was posted to YouTube of Clay County, Florida, Sheriff Darryl Daniels warning protesters that he will “deputize” all “lawful gun owners” should they become too violent. The video shows Daniels standing with his deputies while telling protesters that they should not think that the sheriff and deputies will surrender to them.

After saying that he and the deputies will protect the protestors’ Constitutional rights if they don’t become violent, Daniels said:

“…We’ll give you everything you want, all the publicity, all the pain, all the glamour and glory for all that five minutes will give you.

“Is it a threat? Absolutely not. But somebody has to step up in front of the camera and say, enough is enough. Tearing up Clay County, that’s not going to be acceptable.

“If we can’t handle you, you know what I’ll do. I will exercise the power and authority as the Sheriff and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county.

“And I’ll deputize them for this one purpose, to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility. That’s what we’re sworn to do and that’s what we’re gonna do. You’ve been warned.”

And this is the way to fight the Left.

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