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Fmr CBS Reporter Lara Logan Doubles Down: Liberal Media will “Smear You Personally”

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Former CBS reporter Lara Logan doubled down on her scathing criticisms of the mainstream media, accusing liberal journalists of retaliating against those who speak the truth.

Speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity last night, Logan explained how she has been targeted for her past comments.

Hannity asked Logan, “You say this, which is just a fact…85 percent [of journalists]…are liberal. You say you need two sources. That’s so far gone. Why, if you tell the truth like that, do you believe that you pretty much just committed career suicide?”

She replied, “It’s obvious, you get targeted. They are already starting to target me again now. And I expected it. I was joking that I embrace fire and fury, because I know they are going to come after me again. I’m not the only one. The same people come after you, right?” she said. “…I can literally give you the script now. I can tell you who the players are. Joe Hagan, Brian Stelter.”

“[The liberal media] are all saying the same things, they come after Sharyl Attkisson, they come after you, they come after me,” she said.

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“You know what is interesting, Sean? They can’t take down the substance of what you’re saying, right? They can’t go after the things that matter. So they smear you personally. They go after your integrity.”

“They do not get to speak for me, I want to say loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening, I am not owned. Nobody owns me, right? I’m not owned by the left or the right,” she continued.


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