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Five Far-Left Promises Biden Kept in His First 50 Days

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Despite campaign trail rhetoric that we was a moderate uniter, President Biden has used his first 50 days in office to make good on a string of far-left priorities while making little attempt to work across the aisle with Republicans.

From starting his first few days in office with a surge of executive orders to a stimulus bill passing with universal opposition, Biden has kept five large left-wing promises in his first 50 days.

From Breitbart:

1. Revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline

In May 2020, the Biden campaign released a statement saying he will “proudly stand in the Roosevelt Room again as President and stop it for good” when referring to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Doing away with the Keystone XL pipeline was one of Biden’s first actions in office. While the policy earned him the applause of the far-left, moderates pointed out to the numerous good-paying jobs that ending pipeline construction would cost as well as argued that pipelines are actually better for the environment despite their bad reputation.

2. Ending Migration Controls

In March 2020, Biden promised to end Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program, which helped effectively end the practice of border crossers being released into the U.S. interior while they await their asylum hearings.

“Donald Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is dangerous, inhumane, and goes against everything we stand for as a nation of immigrants,” Biden wrote in a statement. “My administration will end it.”

Ending former President Donald Trump’s border security agenda has been a priority of the left since Trump entered office in 2017. But while horror stories of “kids in cages” flooded the media for much of Trump’s time in office, little attention was paid to what might happen if border laws went unenforced.

That question was answered almost immediately after Biden entered office, with his pivot to lax border enforcement spawning a surge of migrant activity at the border that has reached crisis levels.

3. Pledge to Get Back into the World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

In July 2020, Biden pledged to join the W.H.O. on his first day in office.

As one of his first executive orders in January, Biden wrote to the United Nations to declare that the U.S. would not be leaving the W.H.O., despite concerns about China’s dominance and W.H.O.’s failure on the coronavirus.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 dominated much of campaign, with both Biden and Trump trading jabs on who was best fit to guide the country through the crisis.

One priority of Biden’s was to rejoin the World Health Organization, which has received backlash for its aquiencense to China and criticism over its guidance throughout the pandemic.

4. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord

In November 2020, Biden promised to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement on his first day in office.

On Biden’s first day in office, January 20th, he returned the U.S. to the Paris Agreement.

A 2019 study showed that the Paris Climate Agreement would shrink U.S. GDP 3.4% by 2030, a pricey economic toll to pay for a commitment to green energy that has support almost exclusively from America’s left-wing.

5. Halting Deportations for Most Illegal Aliens

Continuously throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden promised to ensure that illegal aliens are not deported until they are convicted of felonies.

“[T]he only deportations that will take place is convictions of felonies in the United States of America,” Biden said in March 2020.

Biden has eased the U.S. policy on deporting illegal immigrants, opting only to enforce the law when those immigrants break other U.S. laws. The policy of letting people remain in the country has helped incentivize attempts to illegally cross the border, contributing to the crisis already caused by the administration’s lax security enforcement.

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