Former Baseball Player Born In Venezuela Tears Up Talking About His Love for the USA

Former Baseball Player Born In Venezuela Tears Up Talking About His Love for the USA
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In an appearance on NBC Sports Chicago this Sunday, former major league baseball player and manager, Ozzie Guillén, broke down in tears talking about what it meant to him to become an American citizen.

Ozzie Guillén was born in Venezuela and became an American citizen in 2006. When he was asked what it meant to him to be an American, he said:

“It’s special. People don’t know how hard that is. How many people die … How many people want to be American. This is an honor for me.”

Afterward, the interviewer asked Guillén why he was so emotional. He responded:

“Opportunities, man … opportunities opened the door for me. I’ve been living in this country for a long time. Me and my family, (came here) at great cost, it opened the door for them to be who they are.”

Not only was Ozzie Guillén a great defensive shortstop who made the all-star team multiple times, but he was also the first Hispanic manager in history to win a World Series. In addition, he now has a net worth of 18 million dollars. So, when you consider the great success Ozzie Guillén has had in this nation and the fact that he could be living in Venezuela right now, he absolutely should be grateful to be in America. Of course, that’s just the thing. He is grateful to be here. He is patriotic. This is a man who understands that he did really well here.

Why doesn’t Lebron James realize that? Why doesn’t Maxine Waters? How about Colin Kaepernick, Gwen Berry, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Moore? The list goes on and on. How is it that so many successful people spend so much time running down the nation that allowed them to have so much success? If racial sensitivity classes exist, maybe we should have patriotism sensitivity classes, too. Then, we could send all those spoiled politicians, celebrities, and athletes in a room, and professor Ozzie Guillén could explain to them why they should actually be grateful for what they have instead of trashing the nation that made it possible.

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