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Former Democrat State Assemblyman Calls Schumer, Cuomo, de Blasio Cowards Over NYC Antisemitism

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Former Democrat state Assemblyman Dov Hikind strongly criticized prominent politicians from his own party for their reaction to anti-Semitic attacks occurring in the state. He did not hesitate to name names either.

He said:

“Jews are being viciously attacked in NYC. Where is [de Blasio]? Where is [Cuomo]? Where is [Schumer]? Where is [Nadler]? …Terror directed against the Jewish people of New York and all over the country. But in New York, Jews are being beaten up in Brooklyn, in Manhattan. Jewish blood is running on the streets of New York; people being intimidated; people being assaulted; people ending up in the hospital by those who are filled with venom and hate.”

Hikind also noted that when Democrats are bothering to condemn these attacks, they are often doing it in a bizarre way.  When Muslims are beating Jews in the streets, why are prominent Democrats responding by condemning antisemitism and Islamophobia? This isn’t a gang war, it’s one side attacking the other.

This is obviously an issue that Hikind cares a great deal about because he’s continued to go after some of the most prominent Democrats in his state, including AOC, over their poor performance.

This is a serious issue and Hikind notes, there are a lot of racially motivated attacks in New York that aren’t even reported right now. So the real situation is actually a lot worse than what you’re seeing on the news. The sad reality here is that liberals have become extremely intolerant of different opinions, have reined in the police, have just spent a year allowing politically motivated mobs to run wild, and naturally tend to be sympathetic to the Palestinians, not the Israelis. Just as you wouldn’t want to be a conservative living in Portland right now, it’s probably not that great to be a Jew living in NYC when liberals have embraced this sort of thinking. If you want law and order along with people that believe in a colorblind world, unfortunately, you’re going to find a lot more people that agree with you in places run by conservatives, not in a liberal Mecca like New York.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and Twitter here.

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