Former NFL Star Jim McMahon Calls NFL Players Kneeling ‘Ridiculous’

Former NFL Star Jim McMahon Calls NFL Players Kneeling ‘Ridiculous’

Jim McMahon, who was a star quarterback for the legendary 1985 Bears team, has criticized players for kneeling during the national anthem.

The man who led the Chicago Bears to a 15-1 season and a Super Bowl victory in 1985 said,

“I don’t think they should be disrespecting the flag or the national anthem. There’s so many different platforms if people want to protest whatever they’re protesting.”

This is common sense, right? These are people with multiple social media accounts, that have reporters sticking microphones in their faces, that have the money to buy adds or go anywhere they want to protest, but the only place they can supposedly protest is ON THE FIELD and the way can do it is a way that is guaranteed to offend millions of people? Why would anyone believe that?

McMahon then went on to point out the damage that the NFL is doing to its reputation by allowing these disrespectful political statements on the field.

“I think (Roger) Goodell is doing a disservice to the league … he’s destroying the brand. What they’re doing I think is ridiculous….I don’t think they should be disrespecting the flag or the national anthem.”

These days, this is considered to be a bold statement, but not so long ago, it was just conventional wisdom that people watched sports to get away from politics and that a patriotic person didn’t want to see the flag disrespected. Ratings have dipped this year, just as they did when Colin Kaepernick and company spit in the country’s face, but of course, the NFL always has a million excuses. It certainly couldn’t be a bunch of pampered millionaires showing off their lack of patriotism for the world and demanding they be applauded for it.

McMahon did defend Drew Brees, who said something similar, and then backtracked after receiving criticism. The braver man, Jim McMahon, said it was “ridiculous”  that Brees felt compelled “to apologize to teammates for his thoughts or for his opinions he said for people that served in the military.” McMahon also expressed his support for men and women in the military.

“This is one percent of our country that protects the 99 percent, and this is why we have the freedoms that we do.”

Jim McMahon was a hero of mine when I was younger, although not for the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Sometimes, after you’ve lost track of your heroes, it’s nice to run across them again and not be disappointed. Thank you for that, Jim McMahon.

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