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Four Ugly Truths About the Nationwide Riots

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Over the last few days in cities across America, we have seen rampaging mob loot, burn & vandalize buildings while they beat law-abiding citizens that get in their way. Unbelievably, the response by the governments and police in many cities where this is going on could best be described as timid, weak and indifferent. In Minneapolis, the police even ran away while a precinct building was burned. We’ve heard a lot of talk about ANTIFA, racism, bad cops and the devastation that’s because caused by these rioters, but here’s what people aren’t talking about, but should be. 

1) The Rioting Was Never About George Floyd: The peaceful protests were about George Floyd, but the riots never were. The truth is that there has always been a certain percentage of the population that are criminals, anarchists, psychopaths or that just consider creating havoc an enjoyable pastime. For them, normal life is boring while burning buildings, stealing things and attacking people is exciting. Normally, the police keep these people from running wild. However, during a riot, they have an excellent chance of getting away with having their kind of “fun” because they can hide in a crowd. People can talk about how what happened to George Floyd is terrible until they’re blue in the face, but it won’t matter because this isn’t about George Floyd, it’s about the worst kind of people imaginable doing what they want until someone stops them.

You think these people are doing this for George Floyd? Considering that both Floyd’s girlfriend and brother have said that he’d oppose such violence, obviously not. 


2) The Peaceful Protestors and Rioters Have a Symbiotic Relationship: No one should blame the peaceful protesters that came out to protest George Floyd’s death for the riots that broke out. That being said, we’ve had days of rioting and the peaceful protesters are now enabling the rioters. They’re drawing away a lot of police manpower that can’t be used to stop the riots. The rioters are using the protests to hide. They show up at the protest, they smash a window, they loot some things, then they fade back in the peaceful protest. The peaceful protests themselves can and sometimes have turned into riots at the drop of the hat. One minute, it’s a peaceful protest. The next minute, they’re attacking cars, throwing rocks at police or trying to charge into places they’re not supposed to be. Immediately afterward, they’re a “peaceful protest” again and they just can’t understand why the police are giving them such a hard time.  

3) Liberals Are Generally Supporting Rioting, Looting and Mayhem: Greg Gutfeld once said that, “If America was a tree, liberals would root for the termites.” This is something that goes all the way down into the liberal DNA and it’s what led them to support the cop killing Black Panthers in the sixties. It’s why Bill Ayers was able to parlay being a terrorist into a friendship with the future President of the United States and a professorship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It’s also why Joe Biden’s staffers and celebrities like Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Justin Timberlake, and Patton Oswalt are putting up bail money for rioters and a MSNBC reporter can describe a riot as “not generally unruly” even as a building burns behind him.

Most people look at someone who burns down a building or loots a store as bad guys and criminals. Liberals don’t see it that way. They root on and even admire other people on the Left that do those sort of things until the second it impacts them personally. Then, that’s totally different because they don’t believe they “deserve it” like everyone else…

4) The Rioting is Happening Because Liberals in Power are Allowing it to Happen: Could you have a riot almost anywhere in the United States? For a day, theoretically yes. However, the only way you can have multiple days of out-of-control rioting is if the local government ALLOWS IT to happen. If you send cops in riot gear out in force, have them aggressively firing off tear gas and rubber bullets, with the business ends of their nightsticks ready to go, all while backed up by the National Guard and a curfew, they can shut down riots in any city in America.

The reason you’re seeing non-stop rioting almost exclusively in liberal controlled cities is because the leadership in these places is ALLOWING it to happen. They sympathize with the rioters, they see them as “on their side,” they don’t want to get accused of racism and they’re uncomfortable with using force. So, they just let the rioters run wild. In Republican controlled areas, where the public is armed and demands that the police maintain law and order, you’re not seeing riots because the bad guys can’t get away with it there. 

John Hawkins runs the men’s website Brass Pills, is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know and you can find him on Twitter here

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