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Fredo Cuomo Gets Destroyed By Veteran Cop on Use of Force

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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On Tuesday, CNN host Chris Cuomo had as a guest, presumably because Andrew wasn’t available, veteran police officer Steven Gaynor, president of Cobb County’s Fraternal Order of Police. They were discussing police use of force, specifically about the Rayshard Brooks case over the weekend.

Anyone who saw the Brooks video can tell that the police there may have been justified in their actions, but Fredo, like the rest of the Left, was desperate to push the tiresome anti-cop narrative.

Cuomo started by asking if the shooting was justified, and Gaynor said that anyone could see that the officers dealt with Brooks calmly for about 43 minutes, and Brooks became violent after the officers told him he was under arrest.

Cuomo then asked, if a taser isn’t deadly force when cops use it, why would it be when Brooks does?

Gaynor then responded that, “A trained individual using a taser is not a deadly weapon by Georgia law. So, a trained individual knows where to aim the taser. An untrained individual does not and it becomes a deadly weapon at that point.

 “The training we’ve had for over 20 years tells us that, if they take your baton or your taser, it now becomes one step more that you have to use deadly force.”

Fredo’s getting schooled just continued from there. From NewsBusters:

Cuomo: And under the law you have to believe either he has something he is going to seriously hurt somebody with, or that he has committed a crime that makes him a danger to seriously injure somebody. Which of those boxes do they check here?

Gaynor: Well, he has committed a crime. He’s committed an agg. assault on two police officers, he’s stolen an item from one of the police officers–

Cuomo: The analysis is about what he did BEFORE the altercation with the police. You don’t get to build in what happened in that moment with him as proof of his criminal behavior. That’s not in the case law.

Gaynor: No. Yes, you do because what he does from his actions causes what occurs in his death, not the previous action where they’re all compliant. What he does when he’s told he is under arrest, a lawful arrest. They go to put the handcuff on him – a lawful arrest with detention and he fights, he chooses to fight. That causes all these things to spiral. So, you’ve got to take those into account.

Well done, Airport Channel.

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