Fredo’s Ratings Plunge as Awful Governor Brother Keeps Co-Hosting

Fredo’s Ratings Plunge as Awful Governor Brother Keeps Co-Hosting

Chris and Andrew Cuomo clearly need to stop.

Ever since the Wuhan pandemic hit New York, Governor Cuomo has been on his brother’s CNN show often. And during that time period, Cuomo’s prime time ratings have tanked almost 50%.

According to the New York Post, while all cable news ratings have dropped due to exhaustion from COVID coverage, Cuomo’s has suffered disproportionately since the start of “frequently silly and un-substantive interviews,” ranging from which Cuomo brother their mother loves more to comparing nose sizes.

The Post adds that Queens lawmaker Eric Ulrich slammed them and demanded that the City Council investigate the Governor’s edicts of pushing COVID-positive patients into nursing homes, where over 5,800 seniors have died. “Thus far, the Governor has avoided answering tough questions about his decision. His recent appearance on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time was equally disgraceful,” Ulrich fumed.

Whoever thought this was a good idea while thousands of Andrew’s constituents died from the virus made a huge mistake, apparently. The Airport Channel really needs to rethink this, if not rethink their entire existence in the first place.

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