“Free Speech is Not Absolute,” Says China as Hong Kong Crackdown Continues

“Free Speech is Not Absolute,” Says China as Hong Kong Crackdown Continues

Earlier this week, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Global Times accused the world of overreacting to its new national security law that the dictatorship has imposed on Hong Kong, saying that stopping speech and political activities of “separatists” is normal by the world’s standards.

According to Breitbart, the CCP publication said that the West shows “bias and double standards” by predicting that the new law will destroy Hong Kong’s autonomy and will forever change the island into a vassal of an authoritarian China, and said without evidence that in Hong Kong, “human rights shall be respected and protected” and its people will still enjoy “rights and freedoms,” including freedom of speech. However, this is conditioned on the said Hong Konger not being involved in the four specific offenses covered by the new law—secession, subversion, terrorist activities, or collusion with a foreign country.

Of course, the paper left out the small fact that mainland Chinese citizens were promised the same thing but were still stripped of those rights. Also, any of the four above offenses can be leveled easily at anyone that the Communists want.

Below is an example given by Breitbart:

In China, the most common charge leveled at political prisoners is “picking quarrels and starting trouble,” which is just another way of saying “subversion.” Anyone in China can be grabbed out of their home and tossed in a cell for months without a trial if the CCP decides they are a picker of quarrels or starter of trouble.

Make no mistake, the CCP is an evil regime to its core. From its Great Leap Forward to its imprisoning and forced abortions of Uyghur Muslims, not to mention its unleashing of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we must never believe a word the Chinese Communist Party says.

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