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French President Macron Warns Against “Woke” Ideology From U.S.

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  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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You’re probably not going to see conservatives agreeing with the French very often, but even French President Emmanuel Macron understands that woke “social science theories entirely imported” from America are a threat to his country.

Per the New York Times:

The threat is said to be existential. It fuels secessionism. Gnaws at national unity. Abets Islamism. Attacks France’s intellectual and cultural heritage.

The threat? “Certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States,’’ said President Emmanuel Macron.

French politicians, high-profile intellectuals and journalists are warning that progressive American ideas — specifically on race, gender, post-colonialism — are undermining their society. “There’s a battle to wage against an intellectual matrix from American universities,’’ warned Mr. Macron’s education minister.

Emboldened by these comments, prominent intellectuals have banded together against what they regard as contamination by the out-of-control woke leftism of American campuses and its attendant cancel culture.

This echoes some of the comments Macron made about the threat of Muslim separatism in a speech late last year.

Every day people want to put forward good reasons for dividing us. We aren’t a society of individuals. We’re a nation of citizens. That changes everything. We learn to be citizens; we become them. These are rights and duties. But I won’t yield an inch to those who want to divide us one way or another, because I believe our greatest treasure is this grouping we form. It is one and many, let’s never forget. That is the strength of our republic. “Many” doesn’t mean we’re an agglomerate of communities. It means we’re a national community.

Embracing wokeness is societal suicide. It breaks everyone up into small, aggrieved race or gender-based groups all looking to claim victimhood and point at someone else as an oppressor. It’s a theory that is entirely incompatible with living in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic nation because it inevitably turns every group into enemies Show me a successful “woke” society. Show me where “wokeness” has made a community healthier, happier, or brought them together. You can’t because wokeness is all about squabbling, victimization, and gaining ground at someone else’s expense because of who they are as a person. It is poisonous and if even the French see it, you have to wonder why so many Americans seem blind to the damage wokeness causes.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know

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