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Fusion GPS Founder Makes Stunning Admission About Trump Tower Meeting

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The man in charge of the company behind the infamous Christopher Steele dossier now says he would “like to know more” about the discredited document.

Just last month we learned the Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch plan on releasing a book called “Crime in Process,” which gives the “never-before-told inside story of the high stakes, four-year-long investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia ties…” While the book does not identify “human sources behind the dossier” it does argue that Steele’s memos were correct. Frisch said of the book “I think we give a pretty careful exegesis of the [Steele] dossier, what is in it and what has been substantiated. We conclude it’s a pretty prescient document.

Yet, at the same time, the book acknowledges “dubious” elements in the dossier that “remain stubbornly unconfirmed, while a handful now appear to be doubtful, though not yet disproven.” That marks the first time Simpson or Fritsch acknowledged any flaws in the dossier.

The duo appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday to discuss the book.

Surprisingly, host Chuck Todd inquired about one of the most fascinating “coincidences” of the Spygate saga, that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was simultaneously working with Fusion GPS while she had her infamous ‘Trump Tower” meeting with Donald Trump Jr. Veselnitskaya even met with Simpson the day the Trump meeting occurred, a meeting that was used to fuel hysterical claims of Russian collusion.

Simpson’s narrative regarding the incident in the book is unbelievable – that he simply didn’t know it at the time, and that perhaps he was being “drawn in.” (We know the book’s contents because the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross has an advance copy). Indeed, we’re supposed to believe that Simpson met with Veselnitskaya numerous times before and after the Trump Tower meeting, and that her meeting the GOP nominee’s son never got mentioned. Knowing the subject of Simpson’s research, even if this was all one big coincidence, why wouldn’t Veselnitskaya mention meeting a member of the Trump family to him?

Common sense would suggest that the Trump Tower meeting was a setup to give the appearance of Russian collusion. That doesn’t sound too unlikely given that she was also working with a firm looking to prove Russian collusion.

Todd inquired about Veselnitskaya “…if you were drawn in and worked in a way, how do you know Christopher Steele wasn’t.”

“Because Chris is a true pro at this,” Simpson responded. “He’s spent his whole life in this area, this is his single focus of expertise.. is Russian counterintelligence and Russian disinformation.”

Perhaps realizing how unconvincing of an answer he’d just given us, Simpson followed that up with an admission, “We also talk in the book very candidly about, you know, let’s be honest … there are certain things we wonder about. We’d like to know more.”

Translation: we really need to work on our damage control.

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