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Gabbard Rhetoric Not Very Presidential: “We are Not Your Prostitutes. You are Not Our Pimp”

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The very vulgar statement by 2020 presidential hopeful, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) shows just how ready she is to be leader of the free world. This was not a closed meeting or a private conversation. No, Gabbard chose to publicly tweet a video saying to President Trump, “we are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp.”

It’s hard to figure out just exactly what she is talking about with her vague word choice. Gabbard is responding to Trump’s response to the strikes on oil fields in Saudi Arabia. President Trump called Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman “expressing US support for the kingdom’s security and stability.”

The dangerous truth is that Rep. Gabbard made false claims and accusations against Trump, knowingly misleading voters. In Gabbard’s tweet she wrote “.@realDonaldTrump Despicable. Offering to place our military assets under the command of a foreign country-Saudi Arabia-is a disgrace and betrayal of my patriotic brothers and sisters in uniform and to our Constitution. We are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp.”

But who is the real pimp here, Gabbard? Aside from phrasing her words to display absolutely zero leadership, she is lying to the American people. Her lies are painfully immoral as they are about something we value greatly in this country: our military and homeland security. In the video Gabbard said:

I and all of my brothers and sisters in uniform have taken an oath to protect and defend the American people and the Constitution of the United States of America. There is nothing in our Constitution that gives you the power to go to war without the express consent of Congress…but to speak of giving you the power to offer our military to a foreign power like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to use as they wish – President Trump, your words and actions are a betrayal of my brothers and sisters in uniform…My fellow service members and I – we are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp.

In no way did President Trump offer our military to a foreign power “to use as they wish.” Trump offered “support” for the region’s security. Instability and threats to the world’s leading oil producer will result in global repercussions.

For Gabbard to falsely declare that Trump is using our men and women in uniform to pass around the world like candy, in order to gain prospective voters, proves just who the real “pimp” is in this scenario.

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