Gallup Poll: Trust In Media Ranks Dead Last

Gallup Poll: Trust In Media Ranks Dead Last

According to the latest polling out of Gallup, it looks like few anyone outside of the media itself actually trusts the media.

While trust in the media has been on a decline for a decade now, it has accelerated in recent years. Since Trump declared his candidacy the media has been working overtime to make the liberal bias we’ve long known them to have impossible for anyone to deny.

As Carrie Sheffield reports at Just The News:

The media ranked dead last in the study of Americans’ trust in institutions. Only the media got a more negative than positive review. 

Since 2015, Gallup has tracked an increase in divergence between Republicans and Democrats on their attitudes toward the national media, Younis explained.

The current partisan split is “not surprising,” given the contentious relationship President Trump, a Republican, has with the current media, Younis said. Still, the deterioration of trust among Republicans has been persisting for decades.

“Just to give you context, when we were polling in the time of President Nixon’s impeachment, seven in 10 Americans said they had confidence in the honesty of the media they had access to in the United States,” Younis said. “Today, only four in 10 Americans say the same. So there’s been a general decline. That decline is most pronounced among Republicans, like I said in the past five years or so. But as of now, 41% of independents approve of the job that media has done in the Covid crisis, which is exactly the national average; 68% of Democrats share that view, and only 16% of Republicans … So there is definitely a partisan angle to that.”

Below are Gallup’s results showing the American public’s trust in various institutions. Both Congress – and the President the media loves to hate – are more popular than the media itself.

Media bias against Trump is unparalleled.

During his first hundred days in office, 89% of network coverage of the Trump presidency was negative.

For the entire year of 2018, coverage was 90% negative.

During the impeachment hysteria, media bias maxed out with 100% negative coverage.

And despite all that, he’s still more popular than the media spinning that coverage.

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