Gangsters Outnumber Cops 10:1 in Chicago

Gangsters Outnumber Cops 10:1 in Chicago
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Chicago’s police officers are outnumbered by the city’s gang members roughly 10 to 1, a sobering statistic that only looks to be worsening as officers continue to flee the department amid the “defund the police movement.”

From Fox News:

Amid nationwide calls to defund police departments and a rise in crime in major cities, the number of Chicago cops that have retired this year has already surpassed all of the retirements in 2018 and are on track to be the highest number in the department’s history.

The figures come from the police pension board, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. It shows that between January and June, some 363 officers called it quits, and another 56 were expected to retire this month.

The city’s roughly 117,000 gang members outnumber the city’s 13,000 police officers by roughly 10 to 1.

Chicago has been particularly hard hit by the fallout of the defund the police movement, with 363 officers leaving the city’s department between January and June and another 56 expected to follow them in July. The staggering amount of departures has already surpassed all of the retirements in 2018, and is currently on pace to be the highest amount in the department’s history.

The news also comes as Chicago and other major cities have fallen victim to a surge in violent crime in the last year, with Chicago seeing shootings rise another 15% this year after a disastrous spike in 2020.

President Joe Biden on Monday with urban leaders in hopes of helping tackle the growing crime problem, with Biden vowing to support efforts local leaders make to combat the violence.

“We know when we utilize trusted community members and encourage more community policing, we can intervene before the violence erupts,” the president said.

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