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Garbage Disposal Confounds AOC: “I don’t know what to use it for…Like, food scraps?”

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Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is confused by her apartment’s “terrifying” garbage disposal.

In a video posted to social media this week, the lawmaker says, “I am told this is a garbage disposal. I’ve never seen a garbage disposal, I’ve never had one in any place I’ve ever lived. It is terrifying, I don’t know what to use it for, or what its purpose is. Like, food scraps? Is this environmentally sound? I don’t know.”

Last week, Ocasio-Cortez was shocked to learn how gardening worked.

The social media maven said in a video that she was “shook” by the results of her garden after leaving for New York for two weeks for congressional recess.

“Oh my God you guys, I just checked on my community gardens lot and i was so nervous because i was in New York for two weeks for recess…look,” she says, panning to the garden.

“Oh my God look at this! It like…look at the collared greens. They’re huge!”

“I am shook. Like honestly, gardening, food that comes out of dirt…like it’s magic! This is so exciting!”

Unfortunately, her tomatoes didn’t make it.

Photos by Getty Images

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