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George Soros Denies Funding George Soros-Backed DA

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Notonly was Soros-backed San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin such a disaster that he was somehow too crazy even for the residents of San Francisco, even George Soros is looking to distance himself from the Soros-backed failure.

After The Post Millennial reported on the Soros-backed DA getting crushed in the Tuesday recall election, they received an email requesting a correction. “I am a representative of Justice & Public Safety PAC, the political action committee primarily funded by George Soros. Mr. Soros has not — directly or indirectly — backed or supported or contributed to Mr. Boudin.” She then included a link to an incomplete list of prosecutors or DAs that Soros has directly or indirectly supported from Influence Watch, noting that Mr. Boudin isn’t on the (incomplete) list.

It is true that Soros didn’t directly back Boudin, but he did back him indirectly. Justice & Public Safety PAC also isn’t the only way that Soros group backing progressive prosecutors – he also funds them indirectly through the Tides Center, Fair and Just Prosecution, the Brennan Center, Safety and Justice, and the Vera Institute for Justice.

Chesa Boudin received $620k in backing from a network of left-wing donors connection to Soros. As the Washington Times explained:

The donor web included Chloe Cockburn, who is with Mr. Soros’ Democracy Alliance, along with the Tides Foundation and Brennan Center for Justice, both of which have Mr. Soros as a deep-pocketed contributor.

Among the prosecutors and DAs that were included on the Influence Watch list that the Justice & Public Safety Pac rep shared included these gems:

  • Diana Becton – Who never had served as a prosecutor before becoming DA, and had to read from a binder of statements during her early public appearances. During one telephone interview with the East Bay Times, she said she wanted to pull out notes before responding. She previously was caught plagiarizing responses on a questionnaire to serve on a board of supervisors. Among the plagiarized quotes including statements from Martin Luther King Jr., which she apparently didn’t think would get recognized.
  • Amaris Ayala – In lieu of actual consequences, Ayala seeks to punish criminals like kindergarteners by giving them an adult time-out and having their charges dropped in exchange for watching an educational video about resisting crimes and the dangers associated with breaking the law. Defendants are allowed to take part in the program once every six months, proving that its purpose is ideological, and not simply to give first-time offenders a warning. Also, her husband has been convicted of drug conspiracy and counterfeiting checks, and spend 7 years in jail for it.
  • Kim Foxx – Made famous when her office dropped charges against Subway sandwich aficionado Jussie Smollett after he was viciously assaulted by Jussie Smollett.
  • Kim Gardner – Who targeted the McCloskey’s for defending their home against a Black Lives Matter mob that forcibly entered their neighborhood and threatened them.
  • Larry Krasner – Who has dropped charges on over 60 percent of shooting cases and 37 percent of illegal firearms cases in the two years after taking office. Not coincidentally, shootings and homicides have spiked since then. In 2020, Philadelphia prosecuted the lowest number of felony cases in thirty years, while the city saw 499 homicides, more than New York has with five times the population. For reference, there were 351 homicides the year he took office
  • Buta Biberaj – Who opposes immigration enforcement, called for her office to collect racial data for charging and sentencing decisions, and signed a letter calling for the “automatic, automatic, and free expungement” of criminal records. In 2021, of the 735 cases brought to her office, only 8% went to trial, and 491 were dismissed.

And the list goes on.

At least Soros can’t deny funding them.

Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

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