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George Stephanopoulos Admits the Deep State is Real - Before Praising It

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 05/15/2024
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After years of the media denying its existence under the Donald Trump administration, at least one member of it is admitting that the deep state is real - with a twist. 

While promoting a book, Stephanopoulos described the deep state as being “full of patriots.” 

“I interviewed about 100 duty officers from the White House and these are people, they're relatively young, people who come from all over the government. The CIA, DIA, the Defense Department, military, and some people like to call those people the deep state. Well, the big thing I learned doing this book is that the deep state is packed with patriots,” he said, with a straight face. 

He continued: “People who go to work every single day on the frontlines of the most intense crises the country faces and do it to serve their country and to serve the presidency, not the president. They don’t care about political parties. They’re there to serve the presidency and the institution.”

Watch below: 


This comes not long after the New Year Times published a similar take. Back in March, the Times published an article and video essay criticizing Trump’s attacks on the deep state, not on the basis that the deep state isn’t real, but because they think it’s a good thing. 

"These are the Americans we employ. Even though their work is often invisible, it makes our lives better," they embarrassingly argued, while fearmongering that Trump would fire all of them if reelected. Let's hope he does. 

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