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Gillibrand: Pro-Life People Shouldn’t be Judges

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Democratic Senator and presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand believes that pro-life individuals should not be judges because they are too “backward-looking,” the Washington Free Beacon points out.

Speaking in an interview last week on New Hampshire Public Radio, the senator said, “These are personal decisions. They are health care decisions. They are economic decisions. They are moral decisions. A woman has a right to make all those decisions. And if you are telling me today, that women in America don’t have that right. I think you are so backward-looking that those judges and justices are not the type of people we should be appointing because it is too backward-looking.

In an interview with the DesMoines register earlier last week, Gillibrand said it was “not legitimate” to appoint a pro-life judge.

“…we believe in settled precedent in this country. And we have settled precedent to make sure we value everyone and don’t discriminate on race, gender or religious backgrounds.”

“I don’t think it’s legitimate to appoint a judge who doesn’t believe in women’s equality. I don’t because it’s settled precedent,” Gillibrand said.

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