Giuliani Takes to Twitter: “Bidens’ Made Big Money Selling Public Office,” Demands Dems Investigate ‘Pay-For-Play’

Giuliani Takes to Twitter: “Bidens’ Made Big Money Selling Public Office,” Demands Dems Investigate ‘Pay-For-Play’

Just like his boss, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani took to twitter to explain to the American people what the mainstream media won’t. In the middle of the night/early hours of the morning, Giuliani set off a twitter firestorm regarding former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his involvement receiving millions of dollars while serving on the board of “one of the most corrupt companies in Ukraine.”

The chain of tweets began around 2am ET, the first of which involves the Obama administration’s US embassy intervening:

NEW FACT: One $3million payment to Biden’s son from Ukraine to Latvia to Cyprus to US. When Prosecutor asked Cyprus for amount going to son, he was told US embassy (Obama’s) instructed them not to provide the amount. Prosecutor getting too close to son and Biden had him fired.

Next Giuliani dives into possible Obama involvement, raising the question as to how the Vice President of the United States was “put in charge” of funding to Ukraine and conveniently had a son making millions from the same nation:

Did Obama know that his VP, the one he put in charge of giving billions to Ukraine, had a son who was making millions on the board of one of the most corrupt companies in Ukraine. Biden’s boss had stolen $5b from Ukraine and was a fugitive. Did Obama know? Did he approve?

Giuliani says this is just the beginning of the scandal. Democrats wanted to look into a phone call President Trump had with the Ukrainian leader but may in fact wish they hadn’t. Apparently it goes even deeper, and involves China:

Biden scandal only beginning. Lots more evidence on Ukraine like today’s money laundering of $3 million. 4 or 5 big disclosures. Also the $1.5 billion China gave to Biden’s fund while Joe was, as usual, failing in his negotiations with China is worse.

Ultimately Giuliani concludes the Democrats have a duty to investigate:

If Dem party doesn’t call for investigation of Bidens’ millions from Ukraine and billions from China, they will own it. Bidens’ made big money selling public office. How could Obama have allowed this to happen? Will Dems continue to condone and enable this kind of pay-for-play?

Just after 8am ET, roughly 6 hours after the first tweet on the matter, notes Biden is already denying any knowledge of the matter:

Biden says he never talked to his son about his overseas business. Do you think we can prove, with our fact a day disclosures, it’s a lie-a false exculpatory statement. Do we have to prove, or do you already know, it’s a lie, and an incriminating statement.

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