GOP Raises $164 Million Online in July

GOP Raises $164 Million Online in July

The GOP’s online fundraising platform WinRed continued raising record funds online in July.

According to NewsMax:

The Republican Party’s fundraising platform took in more than $164 million in July, bringing its second quarter total to $275 million.

The Hill obtained the numbers, which showed WinRed raised $164.3 million last month from 3.217 million donations. The average donation was $51.

According to The Hill, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee brought in $165 million during the month of July. On the other side of the aisle, former Vice President Joe Biden and the DNC raised $140 million.

Last month, it was reported that the RNC had a record $100 million in cash on hand.

The GOP has had immense success in their recent pivot to digital fundraising in other regards. President Trump held his first-ever virtual fundraising last month and received $20 million in donations from over 300,000 donors who participated.

The RNC closed out 2019 with their best fundraising month on record amidst the impeachment hysteria – and a global pandemic hasn’t slowed them down either.

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