Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has revealed to Fox News the vile and disgusting voicemails she received around the time of the Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation vote.

Fox News reports:

While Collins was under tremendous political pressure from both sides during the confirmation process, her office also was receiving disturbing threats.

In one voicemail, the caller warned that if she voted for Kavanaugh – who faced multiple sexual assault and misconduct allegations which he denied – she would be a “feckless woman” letting President Trump and his appointees “steal health care from millions.”

The caller then unleashed on Collins: “You are so f—ing naïve. You will go down in history as the most naïve person ever to be in Congress. You f—ing, f—ing feckless naïve woman. Trying to make Americans more equal. F— you.”

Another message said: “Don’t be a dumb c—. Don’t’ be a stupid f—ing hypocrite. If you care at all about women’s stories, vote no on Kavanaugh.  Don’t be a dumb b—-.  F— you also.”

Watch the segment with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum below: