Gov. Cuomo Claims Trump Is Responsible for 100% of Coronavirus Deaths in New York

Gov. Cuomo Claims Trump Is Responsible for 100% of Coronavirus Deaths in New York

The coronavirus blame game continues from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It’s no secret that states with Democrat governors have had the most coronavirus deaths per capita (and the slowest economic recoveries), and don’t expect them to take the blame for it.

Before it became politically convenient to say otherwise, Cuomo praised President Trump for the federal governments role in helping his state during the crisis. “His team is on it. They’ve been responsive. I want to say thank you,” he said at a press conference in March. “He has delivered for New York. He has” Cuomo told Howard Stern of President Trump in April. In May Cuomo credited President Trump’s help with preventing an extra 100,000 people from being hospitalized with the virus.

If New York were its own country, it would have more coronavirus deaths per-capita than any other country on the world. With the benefit of hindsight we now know that New York’s response to the coronavirus was an unmitigated disaster that they botched despite all the help they received.

And to divert blame away, he’s blaming Trump… again.

As the Washington Examiner reports:

Cuomo once again went on the attack against President Donald Trump on Tuesday and claimed the commander-in-chief was responsible for every single COVID-19-related death in the Empire State.

Those comments came a day after the president on Twitter criticized Cuomo for his “tremendously poor leadership” skills during the pandemic. The tweets also criticized the book the governor recently published on the crisis, as well as his younger brother, Chris, who is a CNN anchor.

Andrew Cuomo spent nearly 12 minutes of his 49-minute briefing with reporters Tuesday railing on Trump and his treatment of New York.

“He lied, and in combination with his lies, he was incompetent,” Cuomo told reporters Tuesday. “It was his lie that said, this was nothing to worry about. This was a hoax. It would be gone by Easter.”

The claim President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax is ironically a hoax itself. What Trump actually said was that the left’s politicization of the coronavirus to claim he wasn’t doing enough to fight it was  a hoax.

“I hold him attributable for all the deaths in New York state because New York state had that big burst because it came from Europe and not China,” Cuomo said. “They never did a European travel ban (until mid-March) because he was lying to the American people.”

It’s unclear what point Cuomo thinks he’s making – that the virus didn’t come into America from China is proof that the China travel ban worked. Cuomo is chastising Trump for not banning travel from Europe until mid-March, but on March 19th Cuomo was telling the public that “fear and panic” are just as big a problem as the coronavirus.

Even with all the help from Trump Cuomo received, it was his fatal nursing home order that’s responsible for his state’s massive death toll. Over six-thousand people who contracted coronavirus were sent to nursing homes due to his March 25th order which had the purported goal of freeing up space in nursing homes.

Roughly 6,600 deaths have been recorded in New York’s nursing homes, but those statistics don’t include those who caught coronavirus in a nursing home then later died in a hospital. The real number is likely around 11,000. The Republican County Executive of Rensselaer County rightly saw Cuomo’s order as absurd and defied it. The only nursing home run by the county, Van Renssealaer Manor, saw a total of zero coronavirus deaths.

And in response to all that, Cuomo’s defense was to gaslight the public and claim that his nursing home policy actually never existed at all.

I’d say “you can’t make this stuff up,” but with the modern left, there’s never any need to.

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