Goya CEO Says Riots Are Driving Latinos to Trump

Goya CEO Says Riots Are Driving Latinos to Trump

Robert Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods, believes that President Trump’s increase in Latino support is due to the nationwide riots and the destruction of businesses and cities.

“Prosperity is not accomplished if we’re going to tear things down, cancel things. The immigrant community are builders,” Unanue said in an interview with Just the News.

Unanue continued by saying that Trump’s support is rising because of “fatigue over all the destruction and hatred, tearing down businesses, by people — a lot of people that are from outside the community — because if you’re within the community, you’re building it, you don’t want to tear down what you just built. And this is organized. People coming in from the outside to destroy. And so you know, we have two paths to take: Love and build, hate and destroy. We need to take the path of loving and building. And that’s why we’re looking at prosperity. How do we get our country back on our feet, and prosper in all aspects. So let’s love. Let’s build.”

Just the News reports that:

“A new Hill-HarrisX poll conducted last week found support for Trump among Hispanic voters growing by 2 points, from 30% in the last poll to 32%. After the 2016 election, The Atlantic noticed exit polls analyzed by the Pew Research Center showed that 28% of Latino voters supported Trump, and that figure had risen to 30% support as of February.

“As Domenico Montanaro put it in a June 26 analysis of an NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll: ‘The one group Biden continues to underperform with slightly is Latinos — 59% of Latinos said they’d vote for Biden over Trump, but Clinton won 66% of their votes in 2016.’

“Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha, a Latino activist and author of the book ‘Tio Bernie,’ served as a Bernie 2020 senior advisor. Rocha on Twitter warned his fellow Democrats cynical about the strong Latino voices onstage at the Republican National Convention last week.”

We’ve been seeing polling plummet for Joe Biden over the last few weeks, likely due to the riots and civil unrest throughout major American cities that have been ongoing since late May. Since then, Democrats have been dismissing the mass violence and destruction, however, it seems that this strategy backfired tremendously.

Biden has only recently started to speak out against them because his polling numbers made him do so, but the current trends show that it could be too little too late.

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