Grand Jury Indicts the McCloskeys

Grand Jury Indicts the McCloskeys

On Tuesday, Mark and Patricia McCloskey were indicted by a Missouri grand jury on charges of “exhibiting” their guns when protestors broke through the gates of their private gated community.

The grand jury also added a charge of tampering with evidence, which came from the pistol held by Patricia McCloskey. KMOV reports that the gun “had been rendered inoperable but a report obtained by News 4 from the St Louis Police Crime Lab showed that a prosecutor had instructed the examiners to re-assemble it correctly.”

After the grand jury rendered its decision, Mark McCloskey expressed frustration that none of the trespassers were charged, and pointed out the irony that they could lose four years of their lives and their law licenses. 

In July, Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson promised to pardon the couple should they be convicted, saying that “[T]hey’re being attacked, frankly, by a political process.” Parson added that the McCloskeys clearly were in their right to protect their property.

From this ridiculous decision to prosecute the McCloskeys, it seems that the Leftist government of St. Louis wants to prioritize protecting criminals over protecting decent citizens.

Apparently, the same crowd that wants to defund the police seemingly also wants to outlaw protecting yourself. 

This decision is shameful and full of bitter irony.

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