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Greg Gutfeld Considering Legal Action Against Media Matters Hack

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The most recently available data suggests that the left-wing attack dog Media Matters has a budget exceeding $10 million, dozens of staff, and a website that receives less traffic than

While it’s unclear why it costs tens of millions of dollars to do this, Media Matters’ primary activities include sitting around watching Fox News all day, then deliberately misrepresenting what was said on Fox News in hopes that people who don’t sit around watching Fox News all day won’t bother to check the context. It’s an easy gig for journalism grads who lack the analytical skills to work for actual news outlets, I suppose.

Slander is their game, and for once it may actually come back to bite them.

Andrew Lawrence, a “senior researcher” at Media Matters (a truly prestigious title!) accused Greg Gutfeld of lying about taking the coronavirus seriously months ago, because other people on his show “The Five” who are not Greg Gutfeld didn’t take it as seriously as he did.

Gutfeld then fired back at Lawrence, who obviously knows better. “This media matters is deliberately lying. He could have checked but didn’t. See my pinned tweet now and demand he retract” he told his followers.

The tweet Gutfeld was referring to showed him cautioning about the coronavirus on January 28th, a time when Media Matters was busy putting Rush Limbaugh on blast for suggesting we ban Chinese individuals from entering the United States (i.e. the most effective thing that could’ve been done at the time to stop the spread of a virus from China).

Had Lawrence simply been mistaken about Gutfeld’s position he would’ve apologized, but because he’s deliberately misleading the sheep he calls an audience, he ended up doubling down.

Ironically, in late January Media Matters was busy blasting The Five for “fear-mongering” about the coronavirus.

Deservedly so, it seems that Gutfeld may move forward legally, and is talking to First Amendment lawyer Harmeet Dhillon.

Media Matters President Angelo Carusonne, who made headlines last year after his blog posts about “Japs” and “Jewry” were discovered, weighed in on the matter to prove that he doesn’t understand the difference between “criticism” and “deliberately lying”:

The senior researcher didn’t respond when asked if he planned on retracting his deliberately false statement.

We all know what the answer would’ve been regardless.

Good luck to Mr. Gutfeld.

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