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Halfwitted Activist Nandini Jammi Says Criticizing Her Is An “Attempt to Get Her Killed”

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Yesterday I reported on the Tim Pool show being swatted, and how it came following an avalanche of criticism online from cancel culture activist Nandini Jammi.

Jammi has a lengthy history of attacking public features, triggering a reaction from said public figure, and then attributing all future criticism from the fans of said public figure to them. Jammi had previously targeted Pool (among others, including Dan Bongino) in a widely mocked video accusing them of being “insurrectionists.” Seven hours after publicly accusing Pool of sending her legal threats (he didn’t – he requested a correction to falsehoods she spread about him), someone called the police on Pool. Pool isn’t going public with all the details, but whatever was said on the bogus call to police was enough for them enter his house without a warrant.

By Jammi’s own logic, we can only assume there’s at least a possibility that these events are linked. After all, if the reverse happened to her following Pool criticizing her all day, we know exactly who she would pin the blame on.

In response, Jammi said that my reporting on the incident following her criticism amounts to “trying to get her killed” in a bizarre case of projection.

The middle aged activist then said she was so shaken by my article (lol) that she had to step off the internet to process it. Hopefully she’s managed a full recovery.

She then added that we’re “not the bad guys” within 24 hours of insanely accusing us of trying to get her murdered, which at least proves she doesn’t actually believe her own rhetoric, or is among the least self-aware people on Earth.

Anyway, just to prove I was simply using Jammi logic here (which is obviously deeply flawed), here’s her lengthy history of accusing everyone that’s ever dared criticize her and her friends of harassment and putting them  in danger. Of course, when those she criticizes are put in danger, that logic apparently no longer applies!

Meanwhile, Jammi’s own targeted harassment of individuals had once gotten herself banned from LinkedIn (a feat I didn’t even know was possible).

Jammi recently made headlines recently after an old blog post of hers surfaced where she argued that young sex offenders should receive reduced punishments. Her blog post was later cited in an academic paper titled  “The Integration of Juvenile Sex Offenders Into Higher Education Institutions.” The paper’s abstract states that it “provides recommendations to university administrators for writing institutional policies that balance the right to an education and the need for safety of juvenile sex offenders and campus communities.” She’s since doubled down on her stance. Of note, Nandini is also an associate of Chad Loder, an “antifa” journalist accused of predatory behavior by multiple women.

Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

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