Hannity Rips Biden Admin for Calling Inflation a “High Class Problem”

Hannity Rips Biden Admin for Calling Inflation a “High Class Problem”
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In the face of record inflation and supply chain disruptions, the  Biden Administration has shifted its strategy of branding inflation “transitory” to rebranding it a “high-class problem,” as White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain recently called it.

Hannity blasted the economically illiterate claim on his show last night. “If you are middle-class or low income in America, you are in trouble, thanks to Joe Biden – He’s the one that gave up the energy independence he inherited,” he said. “Shadow President and master puppeteer – so kind, so thoughtful and loving – Ron Klain … believes we smelly Walmart shoppers of America, that cling to God, guns, Bibles, and religion don’t need to worry about inflation,” he continued.

“Look at your gas tank, how much does it cost you to fill your tank? Your heating bills were about to jump 54% as “The Wall Street Journal” put it, a ‘winter of giant gas bills is coming’.”

Watch his full response below:

The latest figures showed inflation rising 5.4% year-over-year in September, the highest in 13-years. A breakdown of the items most affected shows this to be anything but a “high-class” problem.

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