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Here’s What’s In the 1776 Report Biden Wants to Bury

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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One of President Biden’s first acts as president was to sign an executive order ending the 1776 Commission organized under Donald Trump, scrubbing the 1776 Report that summarized “the principles of the American Founding and how those principles have shaped our countryfrom the White House website.

From American Greatness:

As a rebuke of the New York Times‘ false and misleading “1619 Project,” the Commission’s work to promote patriotic education was bound to stoke controversy. Sure enough, the report was immediately blasted by the press and left-wing academics as “biased” and “racist,” among other smears.

We believe the report should be read closely, shared widely, and discussed honestly. In the coming weeks and months, American Greatness will publish a series of articles highlighting the importance of the 1776 Commission’s unfinished work and showing why the principles of the American Founding are so vital—and so often misunderstood.

The 45-page report, which can be read in its entirety here, takes a trip through U.S. history to the present day and lays out America’s founding ideals of freedom and details the country’s successes and failures in upholding the its bedrock principles.

It includes a list of challenges to American principles such as slavery, progressivism, fascism, communism, racism, and identity politics, while advocating for a fair teaching of both America’s successes and shortcomings.

The document concludes by noting that although America has “imperfections,” no other country has achieved such a great degree of “personal freedom, security, and prosperity” for its people and advocates for civics education that celebrates the country’s values and seeks to build upon them.

By contrast, the New York Times “1619 Project” seeks to reshape American history in a negative light, echoing teachings on critical race theory to argue that America is an inherently racist nation that has never adequately grappled with its history of white supremacy.

Historians have been highly critical of the New York Times led project, arguing that it is an “unbalanced account” of American History that attempts to “reframe the country’s history” unfairly.

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