“He’s Made This Very Personal” – Rand Paul Reacts to Latest Spat With Fauci

“He’s Made This Very Personal” – Rand Paul Reacts to Latest Spat With Fauci
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Earlier this week Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci once again had a heated exchange as Fauci was confronted on his lies.

Specifically, Paul pressed Fauci on emails with the NIH’s Francis Collins where they conspire to publish a “takedown” of prominent epidemiologists from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford, and label them fringe to discredit any questions and contrary opinions they had. “The idea that a government official would claim to unilaterally represent science and that any criticism of that official would be considered a criticism of science itself, is quite dangerous,” Paul told him.

As usual, Fauci responded with his usual denials, and at one point tried to blame Paul’s public criticism of him for threats he’s received. While Fauci does receive threats (as most public individuals unfortunately do), it was a bit surreal to hear him lecturing a man who was assaulted and hospitalized by his neighbor and shot at during a Congressional baseball practice about this.

The exchange can be viewed below:

Paul later reacted to the exchange Fox and Friends.

“Why is it so personal between you two” asked Fox’s Bill Hemmer. “He’s made it very personal,” Paul responded. “He’s taking his office, [where] he makes over 400,000 a year, to go after specific scientists, denigrate them, and call them fringe.”

Watch his full response below:

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