High Ranking Dem Slams AOC – Says She Knows Nothing About Winning Competitive Races

High Ranking Dem Slams AOC – Says She Knows Nothing About Winning Competitive Races

Jay Jacobs, the chair of the New York state Democrat Party took a slap at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for not understanding how races work in more competitive districts.

“AOC has no standing on how to run a general election in the suburbs and upstate. AOC is in a district that’s 6-1 Democrat and she couldn’t find a Republican in her district with binoculars. I invite AOC to come to Long Island and stand for election in one of our districts. You’ll see different results.”

Jacobs’ outburst could have been prompted because AOC seemed to be blaming moderate Democrats that lost for not being active enough on social media, among other issues.

As the New York Post noted, other Democratic politicians have been publicly speculating that AOC style politics cost the Democrats seats this year.

Democrats running the purple districts oppose defunding police and socialism, but their lefty counterparts including AOC support the latter two positions.

Jacobs, like South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, said the “Defund the police” slogan pushed by progressives hurt Democrats in swing districts.

The state Democratic leader — who is close to Gov. Andrew Cuomo — also said the left’s mantra to advance socialism is “frightening” to suburban and upstate voters.

A spokeswoman for Ocasio-Cortez referred The Post to comments the congresswoman previously made on moderate Democrats blaming progressives for losses.

AOC is loud, dumb, and obnoxious, but her district is so liberal that it doesn’t matter. However, the reality is that any liberal could win in AOC’s district while no liberals embracing AOC’s agenda could win a competitive swing district. In places like that, you need to have at least some level of appeal of moderates and people across the aisle to come out on top. So, when liberals like AOC are regularly making headlines, candidates in those districts tend to get lumped in with them. If you are a Democrat going up against a strong Republican in a purple district, the last thing you want is for people to associate you with socialism, defunding the police, and rioting. AOC may love it, but everyone else that isn’t on the far Left? Not so much.

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