Hilarious: NBC Deletes Tweet of Gov. Northam Putting on “Black Face Mask”

Hilarious: NBC Deletes Tweet of Gov. Northam Putting on “Black Face Mask”

Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam attempted to show Virginians how to stem the spread of the Chinese coronavirus by donning a facemask of his own.

At a press conference in Richmond, Northam advised everyone to “wear a face-covering when they are out.”

However, in a hilarious lack of self-awareness, Northam’s was a black facemask.

As I’m sure you all remember, last year a photo from Northam’s medical school yearbook was unearthed showing two people, one of which was the present-Virginia governor, in a KKK robe and the other in blackface. We still don’t know which person was in which costume, but Northam has become widely mocked as “Governor Blackface.” Northam would later attempt to defend himself by saying that he wore blackface as part of a Michael Jackson costume – a defense that certainly wouldn’t work had it had occurred in the later stages of Jackson’s life.

After Northam’s facemask demonstration, NBC News in Washington, D.C., tweeted about the event, without realizing what would come of it, and it was eventually deleted after the well-deserved mockery:


NBC Washington followed up with an apology tweet, but didn’t explain what they were apologizing for:


We all could use a laugh during this insane time. Thanks to NBC Washington for that – even if it was accidental.

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