Hillary Said Blue States are The Most Advanced – That’s a Lie

Authored by: Matt Palumbo

I’ve long wanted to do a debunking of the claim that Red States are economically inferior than Blue States, and little did I know that Hillary Clinton has included that very claim in her portfolio of excuses for her loss. “I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward” Hillary said, citing Illinois as a particular example of a progressive state. In other words, the non-deplorable parts of the country.

Contrary to her rhetoric however, it’s Red States that are the dynamic ones. Just like the American public voted against Hillary Clinton, they are voting with their feet too, as one thousand people move from Blue to Red states every day, on net. Three liberal bastions, California, New York, and Hillary’s favorite, Illinois, are hemorrhaging the most citizens.

Meanwhile, it’s conservative States reaping the benefits. From 1998-2008, the nine States with no personal income tax saw their economies grow 86%, their populations grow 16%, and employment grow 18%. Meanwhile, the nine states with the highest personal income tax rates (averaging 10%) saw their economies grow 60% over the same period, while population grew 6.3%, and employment grew 8.5%. The figures for the U.S. as a whole were 66%, 10%, and 10.4%, respectively

(source: page 26)

It’s those low tax (and as a result, low spending) States attracting the most people, and its not just their economies outperforming.

When it comes to fiscal solvency, comparing Red and Blue is night and day. An analysis from Truth in Accounting examined the budgets of every State, and discovered that in States with a Democrat Governor and State legislature, there is an average of $22,214 in unfunded debt. By contrast, in States with a Republican Governor and State legislature , the figure is only $1,473. In States where power is split, the average is $14,963, with the trend showing the bluer a State is, the most debt its racked up.

In other words, the Democrat run States have fifteen times more debt.

Among the worst States are nearly all Blue – New Jersey  with $67.2k in debt per citizen, Illinois with $50.4k in debt per citizen, Connecticut with $49.5k, and Massachusetts, with $32.9k. The only exception is Kentucky which has $39k in debt per citizen. All three states with greater than a $10k surplus per citizen have a Republican Governor and majority in their State legislatures. Among them are Alaska ($38.2k), North Dakota ($24k), and Wyoming ($20.5k).

What sounds more dynamic to you, Illinois with over $50,000 in debt per citizen, or your typical deplorable-run state with an average debt burden that could be paid off if each citizen worked a minimum wage job for 5 weeks?

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