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Hollywood Mocks Minority Conservatives

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Empathy can be an actor’s most essential skill.

Stars walk in their characters’ shoes long enough to capture their essence, warts and all. Even actors playing murderers seek out their humanity, and their performances are all the better for it.

That empathy is often missing when it comes to politically active stars – also known as the Hollywood Resistance.

We’ve seen this play out in ghoulish fashion over the past four years, but it’s recently taken a racial turn. Some stars attempt to shame people of color for supporting GOP politicians, especially a certain real estate mogul turned President.

Rapper Snoop Dogg helped kick off this disturbing trend earlier this year via his Instagram account. The musician previously acted out a comical assassination of President Donald Trump in his “Lavender” music video.

In August, Snoop Dogg shared a “Brady Bunch” style Instagram graphic featuring nine prominent black conservatives, including Candace Owens, Herman Cain and comic Terrence K. Williams. Their crime? Voting for the “wrong” party.

The rapper dubbed them “The Coon Bunch.”

That attempt to shame minority Trump voters intensified as the presidential election neared. Late last month, far-left comedienne Chelsea Handler publicly chastised ex-beau 50 Cent for worrying about higher taxes under a President Biden administration.

Handler reminded him “he was a black person so he can’t vote for Donald Trump,” on “The Tonight Show” while host Jimmy Fallon silently allowed the slight.

The tight election results yielded a new wave of celebrity condescension aimed at minority voters. This time, two Latino actors savaged their own for supporting President Trump’s re-election.

Comic actor John Leguizamo (“Chef,” “Ice Age”) railed against Florida and Texas voters supporting Trump, particular the state’s Hispanic population. 

“There is that unfortunate self-hate through all my culture, through all South America, Central America and the Caribbean from the Conquest,” said the actor. “And that’s hard to fight.”

Actress Natalie Morales of “Santa Clarita Diet” fame proved even more condescending. She blamed Hispanic Trump support on “brain washing,”  not any legitimate beef with the Democratic platform.

‘I, unfortunately, have friends and some family in Miami that voted for Trump. They aren’t racist. They aren’t bad people who want bad things for the world. They are 10000% brainwashed.’

She then blamed, what else, Fox News for the problem.

‘None of my family and friends in FL actually like Trump. Not at all. But the bad things he’s done have been underplayed by FoxNews, and they are terrified, to the point of tears, of EXACTLY what the republicans manipulated them to be afraid of: That the other choice is worse.’

Actress/singer Janelle Monae took a more diverse approach to slamming minority Trump voters. Yes, she mocked people of color who pulled the lever for President Trump in record numbers. The actress, who helped bail out violent protesters in Minneapolis sans regret, still included other races in her vulgar rant.

“F— Donald Tromp [sic] and every American citizen, celebrity, white woman, black man, ETC who supported him burnnnnnnnnnn,” Monae tweeted, accompanied by a picture of herself raising a middle finger  to the camera.

Hollywood’s critics deride the industry for its bubble mentality, and they have a point. It’s why celebrities like Gal Gadot participated in that tone deaf “Imagine” cover early in the pandemic, unaware that both sides of the aisle would find it tone deaf on steroids.

It also explains why some stars can’t imagine anyone voting for anyone save Democrats. 

Much worse?

They don’t spend the time, or energy, engaging minority Trump fans about their choices. Their empathy gets shoved aside for Tribalism 101. After all, it’s far easier for celebrities to insult them than letting them speak their minds.

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