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    Ep.1320 He Made The Worst Political Decision Possible
    In this episode, I address the troubling picture which surfaced in the Epstein case. I also discuss the real problem Joe Biden is going to have with his VP pick, Kamala Harris. Finally, I address the tech tyrants latest move to suppress free speech.

    Top Stories

    Facebook's "Fact Checker" Rates Another True Statement False
    Their fact checkers need fact checkers.
    Ron DeSantis Rules Out 2024 White House Run, Plans to Run for Reelection as Florida Governor Instead
    Florida is lucky to have him as governor and hopefully will again for a second term.
    President Trump Says That Cancelling College Football This Fall is a “Tragic Mistake”
    College football is a national pastime and we need a return to normalcy after almost half a year of chaos from the coronavirus.
    Ep. 1319 Dear Libs, Nobody Owes You Anything
    In this episode, I address the emergency incident at the White House yesterday during President Trump’s press conference. I also address the media’s efforts to cover up who Joe Biden really is. Finally, I discuss rampant coronavirus misinformation, promoted by the media.
    New Ad Exposes Conor Lamb’s Spokesman’s Death Wish on Opponent Sean Parnell
    Confident candidates don’t do what Lamb’s team did.
    Fox News’s Janice Dean Says That New York Democrats Stopped Her from Testifying at Nursing Home Hearing
    Cuomo and his administration shamelessly uses its own investigation into itself as proof that it did nothing wrong.