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    Ep. 1381 Another Bombshell in the Biden Crime Family Case
    In this episode, I discuss the disturbing revelation on the Tucker Carlson show that damning documentary evidence against the Biden family has strangely “disappeared.” I also address the abysmal performance by the tech tyrants on Capitol Hill.

    Top Stories

    Vietnamese Baptist Church Burned in Philly Riots While Police Are Ordered Not Arrest Looters
    A church was burned down during the #BlackLivesMatter riots.
    U.S. Economy Roars Back in Third Quarter - GDP Growth Up 33%+
    It couldn't have come at a better time.
    The War on Free Speech
    The establishment declares war on reality.
    Out of Control Rioting, Looting & Violence Throws Philadelphia into Chaos
    Mass looting. A dozen people shot. Police losing control of the streets.
    Ep. 1380 The Interview That Should Change Everything
    In this episode, I discuss the astonishing interview of former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, and the troubling ramifications for the election.
    James O'Keefe Undercover Video Exposes Alleged Voter Fraud Scheme in Texas
    "Our journalists discovered a voter fraud system positioned to swing Texas in 2020."