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    Ep. 1295 Liberals Are Melting Down Over This
    In this episode, I address the eye-opening comments from a doctor behind the scenes of the coronavirus fight in Texas. I also address the explosive release of new Joe Biden audio which exposes his role in the Ukraine scandal.

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    New York City Starts Painting Black Lives Matter Mural Outside Trump Tower
    Because Orange Man Bad is clearly more important to a Leftist than saving a city he’s supposed to lead from burning.
    Cafe Owner With History Of Helping Those In Need May Now Be Canceled For Trump Support
    Cancel culture is real, and it will come after everyone if we’re not careful.
    Ep. 1294 There’s No Avoiding This Fight Anymore
    In this episode, I address the disgusting cancel culture trend and why we should ALL be concerned. I also address the growing tyranny brewing in the coronavirus era.
    Hollywood's Cancel Culture Double Standard
    If they didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any