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      Ep. 1543 What Was The FBI Doing?
      Explosive new details surface about the FBI’s activities in days prior to the January 6th Capitol Hill incident. In this episode, I discuss the breaking details, along with the latest troubling developments in the Covid coverup.
      Federal Judge Blocks Biden's Pause on New Federal Oil and Gas Leases
      "Millions and possibly billions of dollars are at stake"
      Trump to Visit the Border on June 30th
      Meanwhile Kamala is MIA
      Ep. 1542 Troubling New Evidence That Justice Is Dead
      Justice is dying. The examples are everywhere. And it’s the same deep players killing justice. In this episode, I discuss the troubling details behind the treatment of the January 6 prisoners as compared to the kid gloves coddling of ANTIFA and BLM. I also show how the same deep-staters are behind these scandals.