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    Ep. 1516 What’s Going On With The CIA and FBI?
    What are the FBI and CIA up to? In this episode, I discuss the disturbing new tactics they’re using to target Americans. This show will open your eyes to the dangerous abuses going on.
    Bill Allowing Permitless Carry of Handguns Passes Texas Senate
    This should be the law of the land everywhere
    Ep. 1515 The George Soros Circle
    The tentacles of George Soros are long. In this episode, I expose the connections between George Soros, the Rudy Giuliani witch-hunt, the Facebook decision to ban Trump, and the explosion of crime in the country.
    States That Voted Biden Lost Twice as Many Jobs Amid Pandemic
    The effects of lockdowns still linger
    Ep. 1514 Shocking Connections In The Deep State Takedown of Giuliani
    More explosive connections between the deep-state swamp rats targeting Rudy Giuliani. In this episode, I discuss the troubling connections, and what they’re hiding. I also address the latest decision by communist Facebook, and the Biden gaffe machine.