Today's Podcast

    Ep. 1215 Panic Merchants and Hysteria Traders are Everywhere
    In this episode, I address the hidden pork in the “stimulus” bill which will infuriate you. I also address a real plan going forward which would save our economy and our children’s prosperity. I discuss the media panic merchants and their latest lies and distortions designed to spread hysteria.
    Ep. 1214 What Really Happened Last Night
    In this episode, I address the backlash brewing over the faulty “modeling” used to shutdown the country’s economy. You’re not going to believe the about-face going on. I also address the trouble hidden inside the “stimulus” bill that passed in the Senate last night.
    Coronavirus Puts 3.3 Million Out of Work (So Far)
    This could be just the beginning.
    Ep. 1213 At Last, Some Good News
    In this episode, I address an explosive article in the Wall Street Journal about the Wuhan Virus which questions everything. I also address the continued misinformation and hysteria campaigns being waged by the liberal media. Finally I discuss a critical Supreme Court ruling on racial discrimination and a disastrous decision by the Democrat Nevada Governor.
    Nevada Governor Prematurely Bans Use of Anti-Malaria Drugs as Coronavirus Treatment
    Trump Derangement Syndrome may actually end up costing lives.