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    Ep. 1263 This Isn’t a Protest Anymore, This is an Insurrection
    This isn’t a protest anymore, this is an insurrection. In this episode I address the protests which have been hijacked and have now evolved into an insurrection.
    Democrat Leaders Now OK With People Not Social Distancing
    But only to destroy their own cities.
    Ep. 1262 Deeply Troubling Video Emerges from the Riots
    In this episode, I address the exploding war between President Trump, and the Twitter tech tyrants. I also address the riots in Minneapolis, and the only way to stop them.
    Biden's Lead in the Black Vote Starts to Slip
    It's not hard to imagine why.
    Politico Reporter Gets Shut Down By McEnany After Asking Ridiculously Stupid Question
    Those seem to be the only kind of questions they ask nowadays.
    Ep. 1261 The Obama Order That Changed Everything
    In this episode I address the explosive Obama Executive Order which has escaped media scrutiny in the unmasking scandal. I also address the death of George Floyd and the rioting in Minneapolis. Finally, I discuss the media’s desperation to spin the Coronavirus tragedy in blue states.