Is there anyone who doesn’t think that impeachment is a scam at this point? The process was doomed from day one, as anyone in their right mind (and even most House Democrats) knew that any attempt would inevitably wind up DOA in the Senate.

Perhaps Democrats thought that the free PR from the media coverage of their hearings would bring the American public to their side. Or that they’d unearth damning new information on President Donald Trump that they failed to find during the past three years. Whatever their plan was failed – though perhaps I’m being generous in assuming that there was a plan. Support for impeaching Trump fell precipitously from the day the inquiry was announced – finally turning net negative the day of the House vote. Trump’s approval rating was also boosted to a higher level than Obama at the same point of his presidency on the day of the impeachment vote

So bleak are the prospects for impeachment that few Democrat voters are even kidding themselves at ths point. Nearly three out of four of them don’t think Trump will be removed from office, and the other one in four are deluding themselves.


And now, as we enter the new year, impeachment doesn’t even seem to be on the agenda. According to Fox News: