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Hypocritical Hollywood Flanked by “Presidential-Level” Security at Golden Globes

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Anti-gun Hollywood hypocrites enjoyed “presidential-level” security at this year’s Golden Globes awards show, with armed guards, barricades, and bomb sniffing dogs, according to Breitbart.

Security was increased after the recent terror-related stabbing in Manchester, England on New Year’s Eve in which the attacker was shouting “Allahu akbar” as he stabbed three people.

A Los Angeles law enforcement official told Deadline, “The recent attacks in Europe only reinforce that nothing can be left to chance tactically and strategically. Our plan is to have eyes everywhere and shut down any possible disturbance that could arise long before it gets anywhere near the venue or the event.”

Breitbart reports:

Variety previewed the heightened level of security expected around the Beverly Hilton — the venue for Sunday night’s star-studded ceremony — by noting that the days of being able to park on the street, walk up, and get inside may be long gone. They report that “the City of Beverly Hills has cracked down on allowing crowds near the building.” And while the Beverly Hills Police Department would not go into details on specificity of their security plans, they made clear they would be using “additional staff and security measures to ensure a safe and secure site, utilizing the latest technology and best practices for high-profile events.”

Hollywood has a long history of calling for gun control, and yet, those in the industry don’t seem to be in any hurry to stop glorifying gun violence when they stand to make millions of dollars off of their work.

Recent studies by both the Parents Television Council and the Media Research Center found that television shows and movies continue to feature a large number of violent scenes:

A recent study by the Parents Television Council reported that the degree of gun violence on prime-time broadcast TV has actually increased in the last five years since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. In a review of the November 2017 sweeps period after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, it found that 175 of 287 episodes contained violence (almost 61%) and 112 of them (39%) had scenes of gun violence.

For movies, it was even worse:

Matt Philbin of the Media Research Center reported last fall that an astounding 589 incidents of violence were featured in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” “American Assassin,” Stephen King’s “It” and “mother!” And that’s just four top-grossing movies from the week before the Las Vegas attack. The films had no less than 212 incidents of gun violence, and the body count was at least 192.

Just a few months ago–in a stunning display of hypocrisy–actress Alyssa Milano protested the NRA convention in Dallas where she enjoyed the protection of an armed security guard.

Kim Kardashian also ensures she is protected by armed security guards while also calling for stricter gun control laws.

In 2017, she wrote an essay on gun control where she admitted she feels safe with her armed security, however, she proudly touts her relationship with Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown,” whose mission–as Kardashian explains–“is to stand in opposition of the NRA’s vision of more guns for more people.”

“After what happened to me in Paris, I know how important it is to be safe and to have armed security,” she wrote in the essay. “All of my security team is armed, but they also support stricter gun control laws…” she continued.

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