“I Have Chills”: Media Returns To Fawning Over the President After Four Years of Anti-Trump Hysteria

“I Have Chills”: Media Returns To Fawning Over the President After Four Years of Anti-Trump Hysteria

New York Times editor Lauren Wolfe officially signaled the shift in media coverage yesterday, confirming that for the next four years the media is effectively going to be on vacation. 

From Fox News:

Wolfe couldn’t resist tweeting out her reaction while watching CNN’s coverage of Biden’s plane landing on the tarmac.

“Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now,” she wrote. “I have chills.”

She then knocked the Trump administration for apparently not providing a military plane to ferry Biden from Delaware.

“The pettiness of the Trump admin not sending a military plane to bring him to D.C. as is tradition is mortifying,” wrote Wolfe, who added, “Childish.”

As it turns out, President Trump did offer to send a military plane for Biden but Biden declined the offer, opting to fly on a private plane.

Wolfe later deleted her tweet, but that didn’t stop critics from mocking her obvious excitement:

“Lauren Wolfe, a NY Times editor, has apparently deleted her Twitter account after being widely mocked for this tweet,” said Grabien founder Tom Elliott.


Meanwhile over at CNN, they debuted some of their most cringe inducing commentary to date ahead of the inauguration today, claiming that the lights from the Lincoln Member are “extensions of Biden’s arms embracing America.”

With the constant war between Trump and the media fresh in mind, it can be difficult for a casual observer to remember that the media had a much more friendly relationship with the president just over four years ago.

During the term of former President Barack Obama, many critics accused the media of failing to hold him accountable, instead providing consistently positive coverage of his administration and giving him “softball” questions when given chances to interview him.

With Obama’s vice president set to be inaugurated, it looks like those criticisms could be well on their way to returning even before Biden has a chance to be sworn in.

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